The Kirkmont Memories Project


The Kirkmont Memories Project
"The Kirkmont Memories Project is my Capstone project for my senior year at The Ohio State University. I originally came up with the idea in 2020, while I was working on Summer Staff at Kirkmont Center and hearing so many interesting stories about the history of camp. I wish that I had done what I wanted to do at the time, which was to sit down with Buzz Reed, press record, and ask him everything he knows about Kirkmont. When I entered into my final semester at Ohio State, I was assigned to create a lasting change within a community through acts of leadership. All I could think of was that idea of sitting with a friend of Kirkmont, listening to their stories about what Kirkmont means to them, and using that knowledge to help create more memories for the future of camp. I created a plan to interview and survey as many Kirkmont alumni and friends as possible to find a collective story of the history of camp and hear about different perceptions of the value of camp, what camp means to them, and what we see for our future. After reaching out to alumni via Facebook, I've had the privilege of collecting over 30 amazing stories! I loved getting to spend time learning more about alumni who I've looked up to for years, as well as folks who I got to know better. Reading through my notes one after another while creating this website has brought up so many emotions and memories of my own experience, and I hope that as you view this project you can also feel some of that nostalgia and appreciation for our Kirkmont family."
Valerie Kronson
english Human Health & Well-being
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