Welcome to the Religion and Environmental Sustainability Online Resource Exchange (RESTORExchange).

The RESTORExchange database is a multidisciplinary, publicly available resource whose primary function is to organize and curate existing efforts, publications, tools, and art that highlight the interaction between faith and sustainability. The database aims to build an advanced network of exchange and partnership between faith-based organizations, communities, and families on a local, regional, and global level in the common interest of environmental sustainability.

We recognize faith as a significant driver for engagement with the environment, government, culture, and community with more than 80% of the human population identifying with a religion. Thus, supporting existing projects and promoting community-level solutions is integral to the RESTORExchange database. This database is designed to allow you to find existing resources and also to upload your own resources that you’d like to promote and share with others.

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The RESTORExchange is a collaborative project of many partners, and is designed to welcome as many collaborators as are interested. The School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University (OSU) hosts the database, but many partner have contributed to its development, including the National Religious Partnership for the Environment, the UNEP FaithForEarth Initiative, Ohio Interfaith Power and Light, the Diocese of Columbus Creation Care Team, the OSU Center for Ethics and Human Values, and the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) Application Services Team. The database website can be customized and branded with the logo of collaborating organizations; use this link to contact the site administrator about collaboration.