Take Shelter Here


Take Shelter Here
"This is a picture of a cave in Chillagoe, a town in Queensland, Australia. My study abroad group learned that Indigenous people used to take shelter here, and there are still some art on the walls. Also, the caves are made from limestone, which is made from coral, which means this whole area was once a shallow ocean that was compressed and pressurized over time. The connection between people using the caves as shelter and the vast amount of history connects to sustainability because of how it all ties together. I care about these caves because it’s proof of how the environment continues to change and evolve, and how people continue to properly use and maintain it. From oceans for fish to shelter for the Indigenous people to an educational tool for us, the environment always provides and we should continually work to preserve it." Taken by Shreya Mishra. Submitted to the RESTORExchange Sustainability Photo Contest.
Shreya Mishra
Indigenous Traditions
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