Mural Oasis


Mural Oasis
"This image depicts only a small portion of Primm Mall located just outside of Las Vegas. Due to economic challenges and other business-related struggles, almost all of the shops that originally occupied the building have closed, leaving only a handful of businesses open. As Primm Mall became more and more abandoned, the building owners chose to do something remarkably sustainable. Rather than closing the mall and tearing down the building, they turned the structure into an artistic experience. Primm Mall now stands as an impressive gallery of street-style murals visited by thousands every year. The unique Mural Oasis created within the mall is a wonderful representation of how the built environment can be sustainably repurposed." Taken by Kelsey Frantz. Submitted to the RESTORExchange Sustainability Photo Contest.
Kelsey Frantz
All audiences/General public
This information and image were submitted directly to RESTORExchange.
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