Climate Action Rally


Climate Action Rally
Today (4/20/16), I attended the Climate Action Rally that was held at the Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio. This event was organized and ran by the Climate Action Coalition with help and sponsorship through organizations like Ohio Interfaith Power and Light as well as Simply Living. The Rally included different speakers about a “freeze” that has possibly been put on by the State of Ohio’s legislature in regards towards action surrounding climate change policy. The speakers represented a variety of religious backgrounds ranging from Judaism, Catholicism, and various sects of Christianity.

Despite the difference in particular religious beliefs amongst the speakers, a common theme emerged around how we all had a moral responsibility towards taking actions in response to climate change. This theme resonated well with recent events in the field of religion and the environment with the most influential being Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment, Laudato si’. It is this Encyclical that sets the framework for not just Catholics to follow, but all people. Events like this Rally today show the support and efforts people have towards the not only religious beliefs but also environmental care.
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