Prayers Credited With Halting Dakota Access Pipeline


Prayers Credited With Halting Dakota Access Pipeline
News reports from across the country are detailing yesterday’s victory of non-violent demonstrators in North Dakota who have been protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denied an easement for the pipeline near the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s land and sacred burial sites along the Missouri River. USA Today quoted demonstrators as crediting ongoing prayers, including a huge prayer circle on Sunday, for the decision against the pipeline. CNN headlined the decision as an answer to prayers. The New York Times described the impact added by veterans who arrived to support the Sioux, intending to place themselves between the protesters and local law enforcement. Local activists at Standing Rock said that they are cautious in celebrating victory, given that President-Elect Trump’s administration has been in favor of the pipeline, and could un-do Sunday’s decision once Trump is in office.
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More information on the protest at Standing Rock, which has been supported by faith community members from Ohio: