Congregational Profile: St Francis of Assisi parish Creation Care Team, Columbus, OH


Congregational Profile: St Francis of Assisi parish Creation Care Team, Columbus, OH
St Francis of Assisi Creation Care Team in Columbus, OH, maintains a garden that composts their yard waste and provides food to a local food pantry through a partner garden at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church. The creation care team also coordinates a recycling program at the church, supplies guidelines for sustainable events, has made use of a wide range of liturgy and bulletin resources, and hopes to install a new water bottle station. See "Relation" links below to some of these resources.
When St. Francis of Assisi’s Creation Care Team volunteered to take responsibility for caring for the church’s flower and vegetable gardens in the summer of 2018 it faced a challenge: how to dispose of yard waste in a responsible manner. The parish did not have resources to hire a vendor to appropriately dispose of leaves and garden debris and hauling it away in our private cars while possible would take extra time. The Team members did know though that we did not want to continue to toss the yard waste in the trash, which is what had previously been done.
Luckily a solution was at hand: a new member of our parish and our Creation Care Team—Todd Marti-- serves as one of the “garden stewards” at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church’s community garden at Mill Run. Todd volunteered to haul away the yard waste from St. Francis and add it to the compost bins at the community garden. So St. Francis’ yard waste helps grow food that when harvested feeds hungry families through Neighbors (SON) Ministries’ Hilliard Free Lunch Summer Camp for Kids program, the Hilltop, Mid-Ohio Food Bank, and through Faith Mission-- a win for all involved.
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