Engaged Organizations: Recyclean, Inc. Kenosha, WI


Engaged Organizations: Recyclean, Inc. Kenosha, WI
Recyclean, Inc. is a company that focuses more on deconstruction services rather than demolition work. They reuse and recycle building materials when possible and facilitate donations to local community charities.
Recyclean, Inc., is a deconstruction company located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with a new branch to be opened in Columbus, OH in the near future. About 15 years ago, the owner recognized that there was too much waste entering landfills, as construction landfill waste is predicted to double by the year 2025. The company focuses on the reuse and recycling of materials and structures from the deconstruction work of their residential projects, which comprises 70 percent of their business, as a way to decrease the amount of materials that enter the landfills. Prior to renovations and tear downs, the company provides a quote for the materials and a 3rd party independent appraiser assigns value to the estimated donation value. Some of the materials are donated to community charities – i.e. Restores of Habitat for Humanity or Columbus Architectural Salvage. Homeowner are able to choose a charity based on the options provided by the company. Other materials, such as brick and wood, are recycled (purchased for use elsewhere). Recyclean, Inc. aims for 70 percent of the materials to be recycled and reused. The company also provides facilitation for the transfer, including delivery of materials and building structures, to their respective designated entities.
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