Engaged Organizations: Shepherd's Corner, Blacklick, OH


Engaged Organizations: Shepherd's Corner, Blacklick, OH
Shepherd's Corner is an ecology ministry that hosts numerous events available to the public, focusing predominantly on education sessions and reflective experiences. Some activities and services provided include: food pantry donations, Shepherd's Fest, 5k fundraiser, group volunteering, weekly farmstands, action plan calendar, and stream quality monitoring.
In 1966, the Dominican Sisters of Peace had purchased 160 acres of land in Blacklick, Ohio, for what eventually evolved into the formation of various farms and ecology centers. Shepherd’s Corner is one part of this larger network. Srs. Rosie Ann Van Buren and Marguerite Chandler maintain their 1.5 acres well and use the area predominantly for educational purposes, with most food (usually 60-65% but more recently 80%) donated to local food pantries.

The following are some of the current activities and events that take place at Shepherd’s Corner: Sorting donated food from Fresh Market's food waste into compost or food to animals, Shepherd’s Fest, 5K – their main fundraiser, walking trails throughout the property, groups volunteering to garden, St. Charles high school students volunteering one Saturday per month, Meet the Animals, space rentals, school groups walk through the woods, small farm stand every Tuesday (run by Julie Laudick), slide show, calendar designed with a plan of action or set of events for each month. Srs. Rosie and Marguerite also monitor the water for Blacklick Creek, along with other individuals who are affiliated with county soil and water work.

Shepherd's Corner offers several group activities as well:

School groups and other youth groups, grades 3, 4, and 5 are invited to Shepherd’s Corner for educational programs. Cost per student is based on length of program and supplies needed.

Adult groups can enjoy the space for tranquility meditation, and prayer. Staff is available to give tours and lead sessions on special topics such as spirituality, universe story, nature and gardening. Fees are based on length of program and services provided.

They also offer use of our space to groups whose mission is compatible with ours. Please contact Miranda Land at scecologycenter@gmail.com regarding facility rental.
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