Engaged Organizations: Universidad Biblica Latinamericana


Engaged Organizations: Universidad Biblica Latinamericana
Universidad Biblica Latinamericana participates in the Green Seminary Initiative. In addition to their larger mission (as stated on their website at http://ubl.ac.cr/), the GSI website describes their environmental efforts:

"Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana joins the Seminary Environmental Certification Program from San Jose, Costa Rica. The school elected two years ago to make “planetary life” a key aspect of teaching, research, and community life, and believe that the certification program will assist them with incorporating these goals. “It is our desire to make this a learning experience for faculty, staff and especially students who can reproduce these process in their churches and communities,” writes Rectora Elisabeth Cook. “Our location in Central America, an area of the world that is highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, offers a privileged contexts from which to address environmental justice through theological reflection and missional action.” The UBL brings to the certification program numerous ties to the international, national, and regional communities, along with a network of students and graduates throughout the region who are committed to issues of environmental justice."

Universidad Biblica Latinamericana strives to infuse care of the earth into all aspects of theological education.
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