Engaged Organizations: Union Presbyterian Seminary, Charlotte


Engaged Organizations: Union Presbyterian Seminary, Charlotte
Union Presbyterian Seminary, Charlotte, participates in the Green Seminary Initiative. In addition to their larger mission (as stated on their website at https://www.upsem.edu/alumni-connect/charlotte-campus/), the GSI website describes their environmental efforts:

"Union Presbyterian Seminary at Charlotte is a part-time, non-residential seminary extension of Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Va. We have a brand new campus located in the fast-growing South Park area of Charlotte. While our home campus is pursuing a partnership with Shalom Farms, incorporating a community garden and classes in the ethics of food and eco-justice, the Charlotte campus is pursuing its commitment to “church and the world” in several different ways. Having just completed our energy audit, we are committed to making an already efficient building more so. We are Including new course offerings that focus on faith and environmental issues, such as Paul Galbreath’s upcoming class on “Ecology and Worship.” Rodney Sadler is challenging us to step up as advocates in areas such as the use of solar energy in congregational and seminary facilities. We look forward to learning from our colleagues in the GSI in the years ahead."

Union Presbyterian Seminary, Charlotte strives to infuse care of the earth into all aspects of theological education.
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