Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change


Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change
Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change posted a declaration on climate change ( as well as their organizational vision on their website:

"Our vision is to repeat the message over and over that the religions of Earth stand as one behind strong and immediate limits to climate changing emissions of ‘greenhouse gasses’, predominantly CO2. Our vision is to take this message to each remaining session of the climate negotiations in Bangkok, Barcelona and Copenhagen, each time with different religious leaders, and to make the unified stand of widely divergent and differing faiths and beliefs into newsworthy events.

Won’t you please help us to realize this vision by endorsing our Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change and urging all your contacts to do so as well. Especially we need the endorsements of religious leaders and organizations representing many people. Our Interfaith Declaration will be presented to Ban Ki-moon in November to be carried by him to the climate negotiations in Copenhagen in December. Let us see that it is signed by representatives of all the major religions of Earth, and that it carries an unmistakable mandate to the negotiations itself."
Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change
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