Daoist Faith Statement on the Environment


Daoist Faith Statement on the Environment
The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development posted a Daoist faith statement from The China Daoist Association on the environment on their website. The following statement excerpt is shown below:

"With the deepening world environmental crisis, more and more people have come to realize that the problem of the environment not only is brought about by modern industry and technology, but also has a deep connection with people’s world outlook, with their sense of value, and with the way they structure knowledge. Some people’s ways of thinking have, in certain ways, unbalanced the harmonious relationship between human beings and nature, and overstressed the power and influence of the human will. People think that nature can be rapaciously exploited.

This philosophy is the ideological root of the current serious environmental and ecological crisis. On the one hand, it brings about high productivity; on the other hand, it brings about an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance. Confronted with the destruction of the Earth, we have to conduct a thorough self-examination on this way of thinking."
Daoist Faith Statement on the Environment
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