Druze Theology of the Forests


Druze Theology of the Forests
A Druze theology of the forests statement emphasizes human responsibility to care for the Earth to maintain life harmony. There is a specific emphasis on forests and similar nature areas as these are conducive to worship and meditation. Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development posted the following statement excerpt on their website:

"Forests and natural reserves are sites conducive to worship, meditation and going beyond yourself and the purely material. But does this happen through misuse, avarice and destruction of the forests? Of course not. It happens because of an appreciation – through the forests – of the divine grace and wisdom in ordering the universe and placing the mind as an arbitrator that decides what could be beneficial and what is an impermissible violation. This is exactly as in our daily lives both for ourselves and our society where it is possible for us to transform suffering into joy, emotion into blessing and nature into a source of bliss and worship."
Druze Theology of the Forests
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