FWCC Sustainability Minute


FWCC Sustainability Minute
This minute was drafted at the FWCC World Plenary in Pisac, Peru in January 2016. These excerpts provide some salient points on sustainability/request by the Quakers who were involved with its creation:

"Invest FWCC World funds ethically. Share Quaker experiences with other faith groups to inspire them to action, especially through the World Council of Churches. Seek ways of connecting Friends worldwide that are sustainable. Facilitate dissemination of training materials on sustainability issues for Quaker leaders, pastors and teachers."

"Initiate at least two concrete actions on sustainability within the next 12 months. These may build on existing projects of individuals or monthly meetings or they may be new initiatives. We ask that they encourage Young Friends to play key roles. We ask that meetings minute the progress and results, so as to share them with FWCC and Quaker meetings. Support individuals and groups in their meetings who feel called to take action on sustainability. Support the work done by Quaker organisations such as the Quaker United Nations Office and the Quaker Council for European Affairs to ensure that international agreements and their implementation support sustainability."
FWCC Sustainability Minute
Date Created
January 2016
Mainline Protestant
Religious Society of Friends, Friends United Meeting
All audiences/General public
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