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MPV (Muslims for Progressive Values) establishes and nurtures vibrant progressive Muslim communities. We do this by creating opportunities for religious discourse, volunteer and community activities, and cultural events bringing together the arts, spirituality, and social activism.

Since our inception, we have secured DPI and ECOSOC Special Consultative Status at the U.N., and a founding member of the Alliance of Inclusive Muslims, or AIM, an umbrella organization spanning 13 countries and 17 cities.

MPV is a progressive Muslim voice on contemporary issues. We voice our perspectives with policy briefs, by participating in civil discourse, engaging with the media and government entities, and by partnering with both Muslim and non-Muslim progressive organizations.

MPV promotes theologically-sound frameworks for Islamic liberalism. We seek to reinvigorate the Islamic tradition of ijtihad (critical engagement and interpretation of sacred texts) and intellectual discourse. We do this by collaborating with religious scholars and developing position papers on theological issues that are accessible to a wide audience.

Muslims for Progressive Values has been in existence since 2007. Quietly and diligently, we have been building our progressive community, one city at a time, and now one country at a time. Since its inception, MPV has expanded to include communities in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Atlanta, Columbus (OH), New York, Chicago, Boston, Minnesota and The Netherlands.
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