Canoe Creations


Canoe Creations
Al Parker and wife Amy Parker operate a Christian non-profit organization called Canoe Creations. This organization's idea is to take campers on various outings fostering their love of nature and expanding their knowledge of God's creations. The age group applies to all ages as they conduct marriage retreats, river schools (primarily for teenage and college-age), day floats, and other camp outings to benefit the environment and the religion they and the campers foster. While learning how to be better stewards of the land and encourage others to be, this group also learns invaluable skills such as teamwork, confidence building, survival skills, religion and natural science, and so many other skills.

The Mission of CC:
To provide churches, camps, homeschool groups and schools of all Christian denominations in the Ohio valley with river canoeing, camping, and outdoor disciple building experiences that:

1. Develop young people in Christian faith that will stand against the times
2. Challenge youth to think critically in the natural sciences
3. Educate youth in responsibility as wise stewards of creation
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