Art, Ecology, and Spirituality, with Nicole Dixon


Art, Ecology, and Spirituality, with Nicole Dixon
This podcast is a creation of Yale University’s School of the Environment through their Forum on Religion and Ecology. The podcast explores religious and ecological connectivity in a multitude of settings. Academic, political, spiritual, artistic, and ecological just to name a few. In this specific episode, Sam Mickey interviews Nicole Dixon, who is both an artist and an educator. She uses art as a medium to tap into the intersections between race, culture, politics, ecology, and spirituality.

"There is always something unseen: a life force in natural objects- charcoal, paper, feathers, wood in a technological age, an ancient human need for ritual and spiritual purpose in a secular society, a power in those who are most marginalized by institutional oppressions." -Nicole Dixon in and artist statement for Transcendent Iconography
Ava Fabian
Visual Artistic Resource
November 15, 2021
Sam Mickey
Nicole Dixon