The Bhumi Project Hindu Plans for Generational Change


The Bhumi Project Hindu Plans for Generational Change
This article outlines the Bhumi Project's nine-year plan to encourage better environmental practices among Hindu communities. This plan is broken down into three sections: Networking, Action, and Education. These sections are derived from Hindu traditions and creatively suggest how such traditions can be tailored to be more environmentally friendly. The Network section details how the plan will be dispersed throughout Hindu communities and provides incentives for those who choose to follow the plan. The Action section focuses on what can be done at the organizational and individual level to promote sustainability in Hindu communities. The Education section of the plan discusses how the Bhumi project intends to provide informative resources for communities, schools, and priests to learn about the interconnectedness of the Hindu faith and the environment. Overall, the Bhumi Project intends to inform Hindu communities about environmental issues and encourage them to adopt pro-environmental behaviors that are in line with the Hindu faith and traditions.
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